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This temple of pop is decorated with elements of this style: toy televisions, Nancy Doll's dressing table, lava lamps or Star Trek dolls. Tupperware is the favourite pub of independent rock artists.


A chill out pub with colonial style, it has a few tables and several pillows to sit down in the floor and relax having a cocktail. It has a wide and good range of drinks (mojito, caipirinha, piña colada, sex on the beach...).

Galileo Galilei

The old cinema Galileo became the concert hall Galileo Galilei 20 years ago. After these two decades, it's now a reference in the concert tours of the main artists of the Spanish music scene. Its walls are full of photographs of all the artists that have performed on the stage: from Joaquín Sabina to the comedian Gran Wyoming.

La flauta mágica

This is one of the few places that never goes out of fashion. It mixes three different atmospheres: a restaurant in a Cuban style, a pub with good cocktails and a music hall. They offer different kind of shows, like singer-songwriters on Thursdays and Sundays or storytellers on Friday and Saturday. They also organise mus championships (Spanish card games) on Monday and Tuesday.

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