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Our level system is based on The European Council language teaching criteria settled down in European common reference frame document. This criteria encompasses different aspects such as fluency, correction, interaction, and coherence.

Levels MRE Description
Beginners A1 This level is for students who have never learnt Spanish before or those who have learnt a few words, but are unable to express themselves. The curriculum focuses on introducing basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. Class activities serve to integrate basic knowledge of the Spanish culture and society to serve as a foundation for the language.
Pre-Intermediate This level is designed for students who have an understanding of simple sentence structures and have learned the basic grammatical structures. The class activities will focus on conversation skills to encourage students to converse on daily topics and express their ideas through elementary sentence structures.
Intermediate B1 This level is suitable for those students able to discuss general topics and express themselves by using elementary Spanish. The class builds on more complex levels of grammar and vocabulary enabling participants to express themselves functionally in different situations.
Upper-Intermediate At this level students understand the advanced elements of grammatical structures and are able to maintain an extensive vocabulary. This level provides ample opportunity for learning and using Spanish in order to master language fluency.
Advanced B2 The advanced level is for students who are able to discuss general topics and clearly express their view points. The curriculum is focused on enabling students to practise expressing themselves through the usage of more complex grammatical structures and conversational exercises
Proficiency C1 This level is for students with a high command of the Spanish language who are able to converse effectively through the usage of appropriate expressions and language fundamentals. It is aimed on perfecting students oral and written skills along with developing a global perspective of the Spanish culture in relation to the students particular field of interest.