Tarjeta Alumno Hiedra/Club de Español

Get your Tarjeta Alumno Hiedra/Club de Español and enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts

A card full of benefits

This card has been created to thank our most loyal students and to reward them with permanent discounts in all renewals so that studying with us is even easier!

Here's what you will get with Tarjeta Alumno Hiedra/Club de Español:

Permanent discounts
You will get a 5% permanent discount in all courses —from the very beginning!*
You will have access to exclusive promotions —only for those who have the Tarjeta Alumno Hiedra/Club de Español.
Birthday present
You will have a 10% discount** in the courses you enrol during the week of your birthday. Happy birthday!
2X20€ Friend
We will give you 20€*** if you bring in a friend, and they will get a 20€ discount. Isn’t friendship wonderful?
25€ Refund
25€ from the card deposit will be refunded with a voucher that can be exchanged in future contracts.
  • * Not applicable to the enrolment fee.
  • ** May not be combined with the 5% permanent discount.
  • *** Gross —subject to withholding tax.

How can I get my card?

Easy! You can get your Tarjeta Alumno Hiedra/Club de Español at any moment: you only have to fill in the form and make the 25€ deposit that will be refunded from the second booking on.

Your nominative card will be ready in approximately 15 days from the day you order it. But do not wait to enjoy the benefits! You can enjoy the 5% discount from the very beginning, even in your first course!


  • This card is nominative and strictly personal.
  • It is valid in the language centers Hiedra and Club de español, Spanish as a Foreign Language in the booking of any course, on presentation of the card.
  • In order to benefit from any of the advantages, you need show the card at our centers at the moment of the booking. The discount will be applied immediately.
  • At least one course is to be booked in a 12-month period to maintain the currency of the Tarjeta Alumno. Otherwise it will lose its value and must be requested again.
  • By purchasing the card you have accepted these conditions. Hiedra/Club de Español reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.
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